Plastic Wrap Suspension

Have You Ever Wanted to Fly?

One of Sophia’s specialties is plastic wrap suspension.

As seen on Showtime’s Sex with Sunny Megatron, Sophia uses her years of bondage experience to place a person in comfortable, secure and fun bondage off the ground. Take advantage of her expertise in the form of private instruction or a session with Sophia!

While both plastic wrap suspension and rope suspension place an individual in a state of bondage off the ground that is where the similarities between the two end. As beautiful as rope suspension is, its origins are in torture techniques. Consequently, it was not created with pleasure or comfort in mind and when done incorrectly the possibility of injury is high. Rope suspension on larger bodies can be uncomfortable at best or impossible at worst even in the hands of skilled riggers.

Plastic wrap suspension, pioneered by kink performer and educator Simon Blaise, is safe for people of all shapes and sizes.  In fact, Sophia has safely suspended people of a variety of genders, body types, heights and weights (so far up to 300 lbs). This type of suspension was created with pleasure, comfort and beauty in mind. Because body weight is distributed evenly in plastic wrap there are no marks left on the body and, when properly monitored, the suspendee can remain cradled in mid air for hours during BDSM play or for photography purposes.

Whether you’d like to experience plastic wrap suspension or learn how to do it yourself, Sophia’s experience, her dungeons’ sturdy suspension racks and rolls plastic are at your service. Note: plastic wrap is recyclable!

plastic wrap suspension

All classes are customizable, this class can covers:

  • Understanding how plastic wrap can be used for suspension
  • Learning how strong or weak the wrap can be
  • Mummification
  • Different configurations and ways to set up a suspension rack
  • Safety
  • Adding electrical play, cutting openings, etc..
  • Playing with someone while they are suspended
  • Graceful ways of getting them down
  • Plastic Wrap Suspension
    90 minutes