June 2020: CDR received the SBA disaster relief loan that we applied for. We appreciate everyone who donated to us to keep our doors open!

A fellow Chicago dungeon owner, Mistress Simone, is now in danger of losing her space, The Studio. CDR is turning our fundraising efforts to help The Studio. In March 2020, due to the Covid crisis, The Studio closed its doors while Chicago was on lockdown. Now, even with the city entering stage 4 of reopening, rentals are resuming but business is very slow. If this slow trend continues, come September The Studio will be unable to make rent.

Donations of any amount help The Studio cover rent and utilities until business picks up again.

About The Studio
This incarnation of The Chicago BSM Studio has been in its current location for going on 11 years. The Studio is home to a talented group of professional Dominatrices and also welcomes new sex workers to come explore the options of the space. Called a “classical equipped dungeon” by visiting Mistresses, it is a true 27 year labor of love for owner, Mistress Simone of Chicago. Fully equipped with a plethora of gear and bondage furniture, any Dominatrix could entertain herself and clients for days. Community support has been a key component of Mistress Simone’s mission throughout her career and the Studio has been part of this. As home to many Chicago groups over the years, The Studio has provided a safe space for freedom of expression and BDSM education. In the past, it has hosted education weekends and events. Some of the groups which called The Studio home are TNGC, Rough Group, CCF and Chicago ABDL.

With the unexpected Covid crisis, The Studio joined the ranks of sex workers not able to make a living. BDSM creates a palpable energy which has been missing in the space since the shutdown. Without this energy, both spaces and sex workers suffer.