Private Instruction with Educator Sarah Sloane

90 minute Classes with Sarah Sloane
$200 for 1 – 4 people.
For additional people add $50 per hour. Maximum of 8 people

Anal Play 101 We’ll cover the ins and outs of anal play basics, from cleaning out to getting started, and give you ideas on how to creatively incorporate it into your kink and sexual play – today!

Basic Medical Play Say aah! Medical play can be part fetish, part objectification, part S/M, part role play, and totally exciting! Learn how to create the right setting, deliver a basic physical exam, and even delve into some “treatments” that will fulfill your most clinical fantasies in creative ways!

Bondage Basics Bondage isn’t just rope & handcuffs – it can be leather straps, satin ties, belts – even a bed sheet, if you use it the right way! We’ll talk about how bodies can be bound safely and securely, and how to navigate communication to ensure that everyone has the time of their lives.

CBT & Genital Torture Get ’em where they’re most vulnerable! Regardless of your partner’s genital configuration, we’ll cover basic anatomy & safety tips, along with ways to deliver profound sensation to the very heart of their sexuality.

Chastity Play Locking up your partner is simple – but what to do with them once they’re locked up can be as creative – and devious! – as you’d ever dream. We’ll review methods of compliance, ways to keep them on the edge, and how to use chastity as a way to reinforce both role and submission.

“Community” 101 – First Steps into Kink & Swing Curious or nervous about going to your first kink or swing event or party? We’ll give you a firm grounding in etiquette, what to expect, and how to connect with people to find the social connections – and perhaps play partners – that you’ve been craving!

Dominance 101: Finding Your Self Curious about what it means to be the dominant? Want to find the way that works for you? We’ll discuss role models, negotiation, and your own inspirations to bring your authentic power to the forefront!

D/s and M/s Rituals & Protocols Curious about ways to start – or celebrate – your power exchange relationship? We’ll look at ways to create the right headspace for both (or all!) partners, and add depth and breadth to existing dynamics. We’ll focus on your specific questions and goals, as well, to help you bring your D/s fantasies into reality.

Fisting If you’ve never had your fist inside of your partner (or you crave receiving one), this is the class for you! We’ll go over how to prepare, ways to get the body to open up, and upping the ante regardless of whether you’re penetrating your partner, front or back!

Making an Impact with Impact Play Curious about how to spank, flog, cane, or strike your partner safely? We have all the answers. We’ll cover anatomy, scene pacing, and various techniques for creating scenes from sexy to sadistic – and everything in between!

Needle Play 101 Learn how to safely – and pleasurably – create temporary piercings to deliver a wide range of sensations to your partner.

Negotiating service from the bottom side Service, whether you see it as a gift, a responsibility, a calling, or an orientation, is at the core of many M/s and D/s relationships. Unfortunately, rarely do we as bottoms have an opportunity to learn how to negotiate service effectively with prospective tops, dominants, or Masters/Mistresses – and those skills are of vital importance when it comes to finding, and serving, the right person in the right ways. Join Sarah and other attendees to discuss how to determine our own motivations for service, how to communicate them clearly, how to set and maintain boundaries, and how to ensure more realistic expectations on all sides of the equation.

Rough Body Play Like to play rough? Let’s talk about how to use your own body – your hands, arms, knees, even your own body weight – to overpower your partner in ways that you’ll both love!

Sensory Deprivation Taking away the ability to sense our surroundings – not just sight, but touch, hearing, and even taste – changes the way we perceive our place in the world and in our kinky relationships. Learning to control what those senses perceive is even more powerful! We’ll cover ways to block, influence, and overpower the senses to create myriad experiences for ourselves and our partners.

Service for the Novice Top Rarely does someone come into the knowledge that they wish to be the dominant partner in a relationship with a full and impeccable set of skills necessary to navigate the waters of working with a service oriented bottom. Let’s examine the challenges of accepting service from both novice and experienced submissives, and talk about motivating and challenging them to grow as a submissive. We’ll also talk about techniques for increasing your comfort level in directing submissives or slaves in service activities. (This class is also ideal for a top that is stepping back into a D/s or M/s relationship, as well as for submissives or slaves that are uncomfortable with the concept of directing the service of others)

Strap It Up: Strap-on sex for every body Whether you’re curious about pegging, or already experienced with toys, this class will help you find, fit, and master the use of a strap-on harness & toy for all genders & bodies.

The Three C’s: Communication, Compassion, and Consent Deeply satisfying play happens as a result of mutual empowerment – which can only happen when we open up clearly & compassionately with our partners. Let’s sit down and discuss ways that we can bring our most authentic selves to this conversation, and how we can create a space for our partners to bravely bring their own wants & needs to the table in a spirit of trust.

About the Instructor

Sarah Sloane is a nationally recognized educator, writer, and coach whose mission is to create more “light bulb moments” and help empower others to more powerfully embody their kinks & sexual desires. Sarah has taught for over 18 years at clubs, events, universities, retail shops, and professional organizations throughout the US, Canada, and New Zealand; she’s also written a numerous articles for dozens of websites and publications, and her chapter “Whole Hand Sex: Vaginal Fisting” has been included in Tristan Taormino’s “The Ultimate Guide to Kink”. She’s been an active member of the Leather & BDSM communities for almost 20 years, and is proud to have served as the Illinois Ms Leather Pride 2016 titleholder. You can learn more about her at her website, Her individual & couples classes are available in Chicago exclusively through Chicago Dungeon Rentals.


Classes with Sarah Sloane are held at our newest rental location in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago: The nearest major intersection is W. Lawrence Ave & N. Kedzie Ave.  This location is wheelchair accessible and the available equipment and environment make it suitable for both BDSM-specific topics as well as more vanilla topics.