Logan Square – Two Playrooms & Overnight Accommodations

Our Logan Square location is 2,000 square feet. Individual playrooms can be rented by the hour. The entire space (two playrooms and kitchen/living room/bedroom) can be rented by the hour or overnight.  This location includes a gift shop for private shopping.

Bed Room

Kitchen & Gift Shop

Living Room

West Loop – Studio Playspace

Our West Loop location is 900 Square feet and located in the West Town neighborhood near the intersection of Chicago & Ashland. This location is very discreet and only available to repeat renters at the CDR staffs’ discretion.


Medical Space

Bondage Bed

Chicago Fantasy Rentals – Overnight Accommodations & Playroom

Chicago Fantasy Rentals is 900 square feet and our newest rental location. Located in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago (nearest major intersection Lawrence & Kedzie), Chicago Fantasy Rentals is wheelchair accessible, includes a playroom with suspension rack, love sling, massage table, Liberator sex furniture, a full kitchen, gift shop, a Sybian (available to rent for an additional fee) and queen size bed. This location is perfect for renters seeking overnight accommodations or multi-day rentals. 

Queen size bed, Liberator shapes, full kitchen

Playroom: Suspension Rack, Love Sling, Toy Closet

Additional Amenities not Pictured

Liberator Esse Bondage Chiase