COVID-19 Update March 15th 2020

A daily risk assessment about COVID-19* is available at this link ( You can find a general list of CDC here (

* Technically, COVID-19 is the name of the disease and SARS-CoV-2 is the virus

PLAY IT SAFE If you have a fever or feel like you “might be coming down with something” we ask that you contact us to cancel or reschedule your rental and stay home.

 YOU WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE If upon entry CDR staff observes that you or your guest have any cold or flu-like symptoms (sneezing, coughing, etc.) we will ask you to leave our location and you will forfeit your refundable $50 cleaning deposit because CDR staff will need to disinfect the area you came in contact with.


  • CDR takes your safety very seriously.
  • CDR’s standard dungeon cleaning practices include cleaning products and techniques commonly used a medical facilities.
  • Our standard cleaning methods include: Sporicidin anti-microbial surgical scrub hand soap in our bathrooms, Lysol hand sanitizer dispensers every playroom, standard cleaning products are Spricidin disinfecting spray (medical grade disinfectant) and Simple Green Pro5 disinfecting spray (an industrial grade cleaner), UV-C cleaning boxes and a dryclave sterilizer unit.
  • As new information about COVID-19 becomes available we will update our cleaning practices.
  • CDR is a low volume location. We have between zero and 10 people enter our space each day. They only person you will be in contact with is Cara, our rental manager, or Sophia, the owner of CDR.

I’ll admit, we’re almost obsessively focused on cleaning at CDR. Dungeon and equipment cleaning is the first thing I researched upon deciding to open a rental facility. I will eagerly detail cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing procedures for every piece of equipment and surface at CDR, a tendency that has given me plenty of surprised looks from acquaintances over the years. CDR has a 24 page renter’s manual includes Safety Data Sheets on each of the hospital-grade cleaning products we use and step by step instructions of usage–cleaning products can only kill the microbes (bacteria, fungi and viruses) they claim to kill if they are left on a surface for their “kill time,” typically 10 minutes.

If you’re experienced in attending BDSM events or play spaces you may be aware that cleaning practices vary.  In light of COVID-19[i] the staff at CDR want to highlight our current standard cleaning procedures at both our play spaces.

There are 4 common types of BDSM dungeons or play spaces.

  1. Play Parties: 4 – hundreds of people. Like any party, these are an event, not a regularly partied in location. These are one-time play spaces can be anywhere from someone’s living room to entire hotel “take overs” that are sometimes part of large kink conferences.
  2. BDSM Clubs: a few people – dozens or more. Some local clubs are Galleria Domain II, and LRA. These members-only spaces are typically only used for BDSM play on Friday and Saturday evenings and sometimes Sundays. Some clubs allow private rentals during the week.
  3. Commercial Dungeons: 2 – dozens of people. A commercial dungeon is a place that has an owner, a manager and employs a staff of professional dominantrices and submissives who accept same-day appointments with individual clients. Typically, these locations are not available for private rentals by non-professionals.
  4. Private Dungeons: 0 – 20 people. CDR is a private dungeon. These dungeons are used the same way one might use a hotel room, air bnb or photo studio. They may be used hourly by professionals who see clients, couples or threesome seeking private play time or an overnight kinky vacation, and photographers shooting fetish content. CDR allows rentals 24/7 but there are some days with zero people renting to 29 people (on our busiest rental day since we opened in 2013).  

Below is the unaltered text that has been posted on our website since 2014 detailing our standard cleaning practices. We have always gone above and beyond average dungeon cleaning measures.

We are proud to say that our daily cleaning practices fall within how communicable disease experts are now suggesting communally used spaces be cleaned in light of COVID-19. Since March 12th 2020 we’ve added these steps IN ADDITION to our daily cleaning practices: using Lysol spray on door knobs, faucets and toilet handles.

“We believe cleanliness is essential for safe use of a communally used BDSM space and when possible we provide single use disposable items. While we ask that renters spray and wipe down the bondage furniture, similar to how one would wipe down equipment at a gym, following a rental the CDR staff are the ones who clean any furniture, toys and equipment that have been used.

Based on the unique cleanliness needs of a dungeon we’ve researched and carefully selected our cleaning equipment and products. They include:

UVee Sanitizing Toy Cleaners are used in addition to hand washing and spray cleaners to clean any equipment (nipple clamps, leather items, gags, cbt toys, and insertable such as vibrators, 100% silicone dildos and 100% silicone plugs) that can fit inside the 16.5″ x 8.75″ x 5″ units. These UV-C cleaners kill 99.9% of all bacteria, including yeast, E.coli, Salmonella, strep, pseudomonas and other microorganisms using prolonged exposure the UV-C light, a sanitizing process similar to smart phone sanitizers but specifically designed for adult toys.

A Dry Heat Sterilizer similar to those used at dental offices and hospitals is used to sterilize small metal implements including Wartenburg pinwheels, dilating sounds, dental gags, speculums and hemostats in individually sealed nylon pouches that include a color changing sterilization indicator sticker.

Simple Green Pro-5 Industrial Disinfecting Cleaner is appropriate for use on everything except leather and fabric. It is the primary cleaner at the dungeon and a spray bottle is available in each room.

Sporicidin Disinfectant Spray is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant that meet all of the EPA requirements for disinfection of hard, non-porous surfaces and can be used for a variety of applications. Effective against most common organisms, including H1N1, AIDS, MRSA, Influenza A2, Avian Flu, VRE, TB, Herpes, Escherichia coli (E.coli) and many others. It is also recommended for use in the clean-up of blood and body fluids that pose bacterial, fungal and viral health hazards. Sporicidin is a full spectrum disinfectant that provides 100% kill of vegetative and odor-causing organisms. Sporicidin is in compliance with the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard. It is also safe for use on porous materials like leather and soft plastics like the vinyl covering the bondage tables.

Because cleaning products are only as effective as the way in which they’re used, here’s a run down of how dungeon items are cleaned:

  • Depending on the material and type of item they are washed water and soap (Lysol hand soap or Sporicidin Antimicrobial Soap), sprayed and wiped down with Lysol, Sporicidin Disinfectant Spray or the Simple Green Pro-5 to clean the surface.
    -Cleaned items are then sprayed with the Simple Green Pro-5 Disinfectant or Sporicidin Disinfectant Spray until they are completely wet.
    -Items to sit wet for 10 minutes for the surface to be disinfected.
    -Any residual wetness is wiped up with a paper towel.
    -Toys that can fit in our dry heat sterilizer or UVee Toy Sanitizers also go through this additional sterilization or sanitization process.
  • Floors are regularly washed with Pine-Sol or Simple Green Pro-5 Disinfectant.
  • Bed linens, bath towels, bondage rope, cloth blindfolds, etc. go through our washer and dryer. The Samsung washer at CDR includes sanitize and allergen cycles which can eliminate up to 99% of bacteria and kill up to 95% of allergens in each laundry load.

Do you have additional questions about dungeon cleaning? We’d be happy to provide clarification and answer any questions that we are able to. Questions can be sent to